Hurawalhi Gifts
Give a gift that will create everlasting memories

Treat your loved ones to special Hurawalhi Moments

Hurawalhi Gifts allows you to pre-book some of the most sought-after experiences to be enjoyed at Hurawalhi Maldives Resort.
We have hand-picked a selection of inviting dining, recreation and relaxation gift products to cater to everyone’s preferences.

Be it your honeymoon, wedding anniversary, or simply a much needed holiday with your loved one, Hurawalhi Gifts offers a convenient option for you to plan your holiday from the comfort of your sofa and save precious time at the resort.

Hurawalhi Gifts allows you to secretly plan a romantic event for your partner, and enables you to pull off a surprise for your friends and family who are, or will be, spending their holiday at the resort.

Honeymooners can use Hurawalhi Gifts as a wedding registry: create a wish list of experiences you would like to be treated to and invite your loved ones to contribute to your forthcoming holiday at Hurawalhi being even more exceptional.

Enhance your honeymoon!

Customise your weddings gifts to enjoy while at Hurawalhi! Simply follow the steps below:

1 Create an account by clicking the link below.

2 Create a wish list and add the gifts you would love to receive.

3 Send / share the wish list with your wedding guests and everyone who cares about you.

Step 1 - Shop

Please feel free to browse our range of gifts. Once you find the right one, simply add it to your shopping cart or select the options you would like to customise the gift with.

Step 2 - Register

To purchase a gift for someone, you will need to register an account. This is to help make sure we deliver your gift to the right person at the right time. You will need to provide us with your email address and telephone number.

Step 3 – Gift

Before checking out, you will need to provide us with some information about who the gift is for. To ensure we deliver the gift on time, we need to know the recipient’s name and their arrival date.

Step 4 – Payment

Payment for any gifts is directly on the website via credit card. Once the payment is confirmed, you will receive receive notification from us that the gift is in good hands and being taken care of.

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